Book Donation for SFC Kirjasto (Library)


“About… the book you have never read.
The book you have already read before you open it.
The book everyone has read,
That it seems you have read, too.
The book you have read a long time ago and it’s time to read again.
The book you want to have it shared with people at SFC.”

SFC Kirjasto will move to Sampo in the coming semester, So we’d like to ask you a favor to donate your books to SFC Kirjasto for sharing them with other SFC community members.

All donated book will be marked with donators’ name and donation time. All donators will have access to SFC Kirjasto, and donation information will be published at SFC website.

How to donate:
Please take or send your books to the address as below at your convenience:
Floor 4, Shixun Building, No.100 Zhangwu Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200092
Jiang Dan 021-65987507

Thank you for your support!

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