At SFC, the students come first. SFC offers students the exclusive and noble learning opportunities in a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural environment, shedding the light on the cultures and societies of China, Finland and other countries worldwide, providing the insights into related subjects and team spirits as well as building their global competence. Meanwhile, SFC functions as one innovative collaboration platform to provide the golden chance for students to accomplish their personal value by creating the experience of the Industry- University-Research co-operation and Students-oriented module course to fit the students into the future better. Studying at SFC not only gives students the world-class education, but also gives the experience of the student-centered educational culture! Connecting w orkshops,student projects, research projects, intensive courses, systematically into education. Feedback mechanism will be integrated into each course and module.

See Students’ Comments here:

“I have already forgotten the reason clearly that I initially came into contact with SFC, for my class or a lecture. However, I fell in love with ATDF at the first sight! Some special memories such as graduation ceremony and college parties as well as the adorable cat “typhoon” deepened this favorable impression. Then fortunately, after being a graduate student of Tongji University, our dorm becomes pretty close to
ATDF. Thanks to this geographical advantage, I come to ATDF more and more frequently and proactively. I have participated in a lot of activities held by ATDF including curriculum, lectures, workshops and TOT. I do not dare to say I am a super fan of ATDF, but I’m definitely an activist of it. SFC developed well during the past several years with continus activities, which provided me opportunities to get to know a lot of famous designers and made some lifelong friends. Even when I was in Finland I can meet many old friends by chance. Yes! You can imagine how surprised I was. Speaking of Finland, I have heard a lot of their outstanding education before, but if it was not because of SFC IDBM Double Degree program, I could not have been to Finland and enjoyed their high-quality education. Although we had some troubles in handling relevant procedures and details, but I did not have any regrets. Meanwhile, I created some reference value for SFC as a modest return.”
——Lu Zhou (Graduate student of art at college of design and innovation Tongji University)