-TMPDI Fall/2014-


This course teaches Product development METHODOLOGY. It introduces some of the most essential tools, methods, and techniques of systematic product innovation. The students will complete 9 sets of exercises, during which the will learn to understand the basic nature of several generative and analytical approaches. This course is a general course, and it can be taken at undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral level.


1 Introduction Tue Sept 23rd 15:30-18:00
2 Documenting & Presenting Tue Sept 30th 15:30-18:00
3 Idea Roller Coaster Tue Oct 14th 15:00-18:00
4 Idea Generation Techniques 1 Tue Oct 21st 15:30-18:00
5 Idea Generation Techniques 2 Tue Oct 28th 15:30-18:00
6 Concept Screening & Selection Tue Nov 4th 15:30-18:00
7 Concept Development Tue Nov 11th 15:30-18:00
8 Understanding Customer Needs Tue Nov 18th 15:30-18:00
9 PD6 Sat Nov 22nd 10:00-16:00
10 Wrap-up + Sauna Sat Nov 22nd 16:00-20:00
X Foresight Tue Nov 25th 15:00-19:00


COMPLETION & EVALUATION: Completed & Documented Exercises (minimum 6/8 + PD6 Workshop)

GRADE: Pass/Fail

Registration and Questions: jami (ät) sinofinnishcentre.org

Teacher: Matti Hämäläinen, matti (ät) sinofinnishcentre.org