In 2010, Tongji University established strategic cooperation partnership with Aalto University. They built Sino-Finnish Centre and Aalto-Tongji Design Factory, and initiated the first cross design, computer and management double degree program between Tongji and Aalto.

Initiated in April 2011, Sino-Finnish Pedagogical Training program aimed to learn from Aalto University its rich and diverse-background-directed teaching experience and methods, so as to improve the teaching ability of our teachers in giving specialized courses to students at home and abroad in English. It could better facilitate the implementation of our international talents training strategy, in order to cultivate our excellent talents in a brand-new teaching philosophy and method.

After the first round of Pedagogical Training program, around 60 teachers from 20 different schools applied for this program, including School of Civil Engineering, school of Electronics and Information Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Transportation, School of Economics and Management, School of International Studies and College of Design and Innovation of Tongji University.

The program was divided into two phases: the first phase lasted for five days, teachers from Tongji University discussed on the “one for three” teaching method with teachers from Aalto University in Aalto-Tongji Design Factory; for the second phase, and 10 out of 20 were selected to further their exchange in Finland. At last, there were two groups, altogether 20 teachers, who went separately to Aalto University last May and November for a one-week in-depth pedagogical training, pairing and exchanging with teachers there.

Last November, on behalf of Tongji University, Vice President Wu Jiang signed an MOU on Sino-Finnish Pedagogical Training Program with Aalto University, which marked the establishment of a longer and more stable cooperative relationship on PEDA program between Tongji and Aalto. During the next three years, Tongji will select excellent teachers to participate in this program.

In May 2012, the “2012 Sino-Finnish Pedagogical Training” program began with 2 teachers from Aalto University, Finland giving lectures on “pedagogic for teaching in English” in Sino-Finnish Centre. 20 key teachers from different schools of Tongji University took part. During October 8th to 12th, 15 teachers and 2 assistant teachers from Tongji Unviersity went to Finland to continue the second phase of the Pedagogical Training Program. And from November 18th to 25th, Tongji University witnessed 12 teachers from Aalto University took part in the third phase of SFC Pedagogical Training Program.