Product Development Project (2015-2016) Call for Members!


Students Recruitment for SFC Project-based Learning (PBL) course NOW is open!
SFC will announce the project information accordingly in the following weeks, and please send the required documents to apply for the relevant project.

1. Partner with Aalto Design Factory and corporate sponsors

2. Project duration: September 2015-June 2016 (For details, please refer to
3. Requirements:
1) All majors are welcome;
2) Master students and Ph.D. candidates are preferred; Excellent senior undergraduates will be considered case by case;
3) Full attendance for 1 year project is a must;
4) Capable of using English as working language.

4. Seats available: 2-4 students

5. Application Document: one page personal profiles with photos in English sent to 04050(at) (you may ask for example template via email)

6. Application deadline: September 14th, 2015

7. Course selection deadline:
International exchange students: please send email to *protected email* by Sept. 20th.

8. Others: Different from previous years, the global team formation will be done during the lecture 23rd of September and teams will be matched with sponsors during the lecture 7th of October.

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