Tongji on Tracks 2015: It Is an Honor Experienced Food Innovation in Italy

On September 27th, Tongji on Tracks: It is an Honor held its first workshop abroad in Modena. 32 students with local students enjoyed hands-on Food Innovation practice.
Italy is a country fond of food. Students from Food Sustainability Master Program, Modena University joined the Food Innovation workshop. Prof. Matteo delivered a speech about Design Thinking for students. He compared design with hunting, described the importance of finding user needs and how to put idea into practice. Afterwards, students were divided into groups to cook in an innovative way. For many students who cooked for the first time, it was just the time for them to do things creatively. Each team presented their dish, framing cooking in an artistic way. All the dishes were quite amazing, and delicious!
Tongji on Tracks students had enjoyed the workshop a lot. Learning by having fun is the way that Tongji on Tracks and SFC practice education. Meanwhile, collaborating with Italian students was also beneficial experience to exchange different ways of thinking for Tongji on Tracks students.

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