Tongji on Tracks Experiences German Technology Company and Design Thinking

After two-days workshop, Tongji on Tracks 2016 visited SAP headquarter in Walldorf and APP Haus in Heidelberg, experiencing local technology driven innovation and design thinking methodology.

Founded in 1973 in Germany, SAP is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operation and customer relations.

Tongji on Tracks 2016 visited SAP Inspiration Pavilion firstly. The Experience Big Data Exhibition illustrated milestones of every year since its establishment. The Magic Mirror revealed the hidden benefits the information cloud yield if it were evaluated. Students were able to touch the data cloud standing in different spots. There were also quite a few pinwheels on the ceiling powered by the continuous stream of data in real time. As long as you post via Twitter with special hashtags, the pinwheels will start twirling!

Afterwards, Agata Cieply and Andrea Tvarusko from SAP University Alliances gave Tongji on Tracks an overview about SAP in general. Daniela Dima, also from SAP University Alliances, introduced Academy Cube, the world’s smartest talent platform for graduates and job-seeking professionals. Sabine Herzberg (Corporate Affairs CSR) communicated with students individually. Then she introduced Global Entrepreneurship Summer School, which aimed to promote entrepreneurship among young people.

After enjoying lunch at SAP, Tongji on Tracks took a bus to APP Haus in Heidelberg, which is famous for its creative space and design thinking methodology.

Entering APP Haus, we felt like entering another SFC. It’s a lovely colorful co-working space placed in an old factory. Several working desks were even kept for using nowadays. Whiteboards and toolboxes were placed beside the stage for users making prototypes. There were also individual working spaces with different themes like Bauhaus, One Thousand and One Nights and Sherlock. Similar with SFC, there was also a cafeteria where people from different countries could have lunch together. Staff from APP Haus offered students a design-thinking workshop. Students were divided into groups to design travel product for their team member.

All of us were deeply impressed by the technology and space design of SAP.

The next stop will be CERN in Geneva, Swiss!

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