SFC miniEXPO 2015 Held


On June 27th, SFC miniEXPO 2015was held at Sino-Finnish Center.

This year we invited SFC faculty and students, cooperative enterprise representatives and professionals from academic and industrial fields to experience students’ projects and discuss the possibility of future cooperation.


Interdisciplinary work, international team and real-world project were still the key words representing SFC’s engagement in the university-industry cooperation projects and student projects. SFC miniEXPO 2015 embraced more projects in the exhibition in comparison to last year: three teams including Famille, SOLAR WINGS and The Last Kilometer got their challenge from Peugeot Citroen, Audi Tongji Light Challenge by Audi, Team Volvo by Volvo Group, two projects in cooperation with SUGAR Network including Dynasty by UBS and COMBO STATION by EMN. Product development project (PdP) included Rovio Truck • Shanghai by Rovio and CONN ARTISTS, an ABB project in cooperation with PdP team of Aalto University in Finland. Apart from the university-industry projects, eight teams from SFC other courses including Game Design, Sustainability Thinking, Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop and Dian Racing also took the initiative to participate in SFC miniEXPO 2015.


In addition, SFC invited Zhang Ting, Technology Strategy and Innovation Manager of Volvo Group, Genda Lin, IDEO designer, Ben Wang, V.M. manager of IKEA, Thomas Fang, Project Leader of BCG, Prof. Matti Hämäläinen, Director of ISeeLife Lab of SFC, Richard Hsu, SFC innovative supervisor and advisor to TED USA in China as panels to make comments on the group presentation and offer professional insights in students’ products and presentations.

You are welcome to check more information on SFC 2015-2016 Innovation and Venture Minor Program (Autumn Curriculum) in the link below: /wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Sino-Finnish-Course-Package-2015-2016-First-semester-2015.6.17.pdf

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